Roadworks…….lots of roadworks so many stops needed

Decided yesterday was the day to make some progress up the coast. Lots of roadworks though so many stops needed to enjoy the sunshine. First up was Corindi Beach, just north of Coffs Harbour.

Corindi Beach

The Amble Inn, Corindi Beach

Was very tempted to stop at the pub with a name like this.
Instead had some time at the beach and drove on to Yamba in search of some prawns and a rock to jump off. Melissa Oliver, were you serious about the rock? The only one I could find was huge. Decided on more leisurely pursuits and chose to sit on a rock instead and watch the boats come in with yummy prawns
Boats at Yamba, Sunset

2 thoughts on “Roadworks…….lots of roadworks so many stops needed

  1. Was very serious about the rock! You didn’t jump!?!?!? Working on you next challenge as I type, need to embrace your inner bravado! ;0)


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