A musical interlude

Marty in Valladolid
Marty in Valladolid

I have a visitor! A college friend  has impulsively decided to join me for a few weeks. Meet Marty! We decided to start her trip in Cancun as she was flying in from Ireland, thought some beach R&R would be the perfect tonic to jetlag.  From what we saw of Cancun, I have very little that’s good to say about the place. One could really be at any beach resort in the world, and we want to see some of Mexico so we got moving west.

We based ourselves in a small colonial town called Valladolid. The town is full of brightly coloured buildings and exudes a casual unpretentious air. We were on 2 wheels for alot of our time here, the pace was slow and the ground level!

We came here primarily to visit Chichén Itzá, a Maya ruin and also see some centotes that are in the area. I will put together a post on those too, but first let me show you something of this great little town. The main plaza is overlooked by the cathedral and a grid like system on one way streets make up the centre, with any amount of food options, particularly important to me as I work my way through all manner of Mexican food.

One of the nights we were there, the main street was closed off with chairs set up either side, a live band  and the road becoming a dancefloor, just because. Love the simple life, sure what else would you be doing of an evening?

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