Drifting South

We wont be needing these no more!
“You can take off your shoes, cos you wont be needing them where we is going”

And exhale. Not that I was tightly strung, far from it, but we decided to leave Caye Caulker by boat and sail south over a few days to Placencia in southern Belize. Tough gig.

As luck would have it, there was meant to be another 4 people on on the boat but they dropped out, so Marty and I were the only ones with Roy and Det. A glamorous yacht it wasn’t but private boat on the Caribbean coast, camping on deserted islands, snorkeling and fishing as we drifted south – yes please, I’m in!

Days drifting slowly south, cooling down with a jump off the boat! We camped both nights. The first night we had the place to ourselves, an island called Goffs Caye, the second we spent on Tobacco Caye, which was a little busier and we landed in time for sunset drinks at the bar.

We finished up at Placencia, a holiday beach town and spent a few days there to get over our sea legs. The best treatment we found was in the form of ice cream from a place called Tutti Fruitti, look out for the Creme Caramel if you are ever in town, yum.

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