Country Living

After a great time splashing about in the waters of Belize, it was time to check out some of the country itself. We headed to area just north of Placencia called the Cockscomb Wildlife Reserve for some hiking and crossing fingers that we might snatch a glimpse of a jaguar.

We stayed in very simple accommodation just outside the reserve, in a village called Maya Centre. Being here has reminded me that although I have been having fun, the last few weeks have been more like a holiday and there’s so much I don’t know about Belize. It has such an interesting history that I am only beginning to appreciate.

This village is relatively new, we learned from Gregario Chan, our host, who until the late 80’s told us the whole area was jungle. “Put me in a city and I’d be lost forever, but the jungle is easy”  Gregario sent me to bed with a book called Jaguar, by Alan Rabinowitz who was the scientist who lead the first study on jaguars in the area. This study culminated in the area becoming a wildlife reserve and families like Gregario’s moving to Maya Centre from the jungle.

Below are some pictures from my walkabouts.

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