Morning to night

Rain rain go away.

I woke up to a massive shower head in the sky so I decided to wait a while to see which way it was going to go. To pass the time I went for coffee, the cafe was packed, everybody taking refuge, so I was joined by two elderly farmers who made for great company. There was a “ripper frost last night” apparently “ground temperatures have dropped to 12deg from 25deg two weeks ago” I told them my plans of heading to Mt Cook and was assured I had picked the wrong time weather wise as well as other challenges “Mt Cook, don’t stay there, pies are $8! Same ones that they sell here. Austrian bloke runs this place,  used to work in Mt Cook, got sense and moved here. Great pies, why don’t you try one?”

My intention was to spend the next few days around Mt Cook National Park, but the weather forecast was poor. Coupled with such sage advice from my farming friends and some time in the wind and rain at the shores of Lake Pukaki I decided to drive west to Wanaka. Hopefully I will get back to Mt Cook NP later in the trip.

So it became a driving day which means a Drive – Stop – Photograph- Repeat Day. You will just have to believe me that there are quite high mountains behind those clouds!


The rain eased as I drove west but it remained a gloomy chilly day. I cannot decide which of these two shots I prefer:

Further along the road climbs to 971m in an area known as Lindis Pass. It’s the highest point on the South Island’s state roads and I guess the ‘ ripper frost’ landed here too!

I couldn’t resist these cows near Wanaka

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