All kinds of everything

“Los Angeles: Seventy-two suburbs in search of a city” Dorothy Parker

I saw this quote the other day and it sums up my first impressions of LA.  I haven’t been to all 72 suburbs but of the few I have visited they all have their own personality which makes it difficult for me to have an overall impression. It really doesn’t feel like just one place but it is definitely growing on me.

I was staying in Hollywood, where there’s all types of crazy going on. Arrived there on the same day as  the Christmas Parade. I was wondering why so many people were spending the afternoon sitting on the pavement, thought it was a LA thing! But no, just families getting their preferred spots in time for the parade.  The following night was The Hobbit premiere – busy spot!

One of the days I went downtown for a ramble, where everything is decidedly normal. Like any other city in fact. Some very impressive buildings. Loved the Walt Disney concert hall, it’s quite amazing to look at. While in Grand Park I came across these little boxes dotted around  which turned out to be ‘libraries’  suggesting that people “Leave a book. Take a book. Find a nook”  How cool is that idea, so that’s what I need and lost all track of time.  Guess I’ll have to stay a little longer to get around to more of this crazy city

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