Kindness of strangers

Every bar should have one
Seen behind the bar at the Crystal Palace – every bar should have one.

On the way to LA I decided to spend a night in Bakersfield, which is known for country music, which I don’t usually listen to.  I went along to a place called the Crystal Palace to hear the music of Buck Owens, but I wont regale you with tales of line dancing, which I can confirm is alive and well. Instead I want to tell you about who I met.

I was sitting beside two men who were all chat and turned out to be regulars at the venue and fans of all things Buck. They were determined that  I have a good time and enjoy my first country music experience and even introduced me to the band, cos it seems a shout out from the stage of “Welcome Niamh from Ireland’ is simply not enough anymore. They were great company and kept me entertained all night. However when I was getting ready to leave and pay my tab, it turns out they had already paid it! They had left earlier and not mentioned a word to me. Instead left the waitress a message to “Tell Ireland to listen to more country music” How can I argue with that?

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