Almost back at the start

Sydney in winter, what’s not to like?

Lifeguard training at Coogee Beach
Lifeguard training at Coogee Beach

I am back where the adventure started but not quite at the end just yet. Have spent the last week in Sydney getting a few things organised. Had a bit of jobs list, one of which was opening over a years worth of post – there was nothing interesting waiting for me in that pile!

Mainly though I wanted to catch up with my friends and suss out work opportunities before the last leg of the trip. I can confirm my friends are great, as for work, well I had some interviews and have a job offer. I know, that was fast. Surprised me too. Which means I need to condense the last leg of this trip.

Right now I am at the airport waiting on my flight to Perth, where I left my car last year after driving across the north of the country. Am on a retrieval mission. This time I will be taking a more direct route from Perth back to Sydney across the Nullarbor, which will be a journey in the region of 4,000km  door to door. I cannot wait, so excited. Dirt, dust, camping, the open road and big skies! Bring it on and yes maybe then I will be ready to go back to work – maybe……!

6 thoughts on “Almost back at the start

  1. LOVED this post, You are so not at the start….you just happen to be in the same location as the start but you have grown, seen, done, been places and things that most people can only dream of!! …back to boring stuff – a job offer? really – who, where, when? do you want a Category Role at GSK?! i have one! chat soon xo Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 14:38:01 +0000 To:


    1. Thanks Kj, wise words, love the sentiment that it’s simply the location that’s the same. Prefer to think about it like that it’s! oh the job came about super quick, will send you those details separately.


  2. oh niamh, i have relished every moment of your blog. Super amazing, what a gal. thanks for sharing your adventure. It has lifted my spirits many times (bit too emotional? sorry)! Cheers to the next chapter . . . . . Jen x


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