Gently does it!

Atherton Tablelands

Spent some time in the Atherton tablelands, The tourist guides here are so descriptive, I was expecting paradise. There is lots to see and eat around here, lush countryside and rolling hills. Decided I needed some restorative relaxation so stopped at Innot Hot Springs  (Kirsty, that’s different to ‘Innit’) Such a peculiar place staffed by people who treat guests as an inconvenience. But a first on my trip, they have officially a rate for single campers – Win. For $15 I could camp all night and turn myself into a prune. The water coming from Nettle Creek, ironic, is 87deg, but they convert it before it enters the pools. I managed to hover in the hottest one of 47deg. I will spare you the photos of that but I had two mates in there, Doug and Barry. Each easily 65, complete with medallions, faded tattoos and a lifetime of great tales. Both had booked in for a week – good for the joints. They were disappointed I couldn’t stay the following night as there was a band down the pub “Dave and the G strings” Apparently it’s a blast!

2 thoughts on “Gently does it!

  1. I think Innit hot springs says it all really!!
    I tried saying Innot but I just sounded posh saying Innit!
    Looks and sounds amazing Niamh. Well Jeal innit!! X


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