Ek-Balam – almost all to myself

Am enjoying learning more about Mayan history so we went to check out the lesser known Ek-Balam one morning. The name translates to “the black jaguar” or “bright star jaguar.” Ek-Balam’s most important cultural period was between 700 – 1000 A.D but it wasn’t until the late 1980’s when the site was mapped, and research continued into the 1990’s.

One of the things that made our visit great – we were almost the only people there to see it! Also there are only a few restricted areas so unlike Chichén Itzá  you can explore the buildings and climb the many steps to the top of the Pyramid!

The decoration of Ek-Balam’s building facades were not carved stone, like those found in  Chichén Itzá . Instead, stucco and limestone mortar were used and  modeled into distinct forms and then painted.

Quite a cool thing to see in the middle of the jungle!

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