Stretching the legs at Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park

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There were a couple of clues on the road in, that this place was going to be different!  It was well worth the drive. Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park was simply stunning. Spent some time here hiking around. When I look at the photographs it’s hard to believe they are all from the same place as the landscape was ever changing. Towering sandstone cliffs at the gorge, the colour of it so bright, it could have been a cocktail! They tell me it’s lime creating the colour and I can confirm that it doesn’t taste that good. And then there’s the dry red dirt and arid trails.  If you care for more information, it’s all here.

Camped at a place called Adels Grove, wonderful place complete with swimming hole to wash away the dirt and refresh tired bones. Here’s  a glimpse of my abode and ‘swimming pool’.

The history of that place is interesting. I have taken the info below from their literature, quite the tragic tale, at least for poor Albert…………….   In the 1930’s, a  french botanist, Albert De Lestang was commissioned by the government of the day to experiment with the growing of tropical trees and and fruits. By 1939, he had in excess of 1000 different species of trees and shrubs growing. It was said to be a beautiful botanical garden and in fact the seeds from the nursery here had supplied many of the botanical gardens over the world. In the early 1950’s a fire in a neighbouring mine destroyed the Adel Grove complex. By this time Albert was in his 70’s and having lost this buildings, all of his written records of plants and hybrids, and his stories, he succumbed to a great depression and broken spirit. He was eventually taken to a home and died a number of years later.  The Botanical gardens in Brisbane have over 536 samples of seeds sent to them by Albert in their collection. Where his buildings were, now stands the ablutions block – respect!

2 thoughts on “Stretching the legs at Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park

  1. Loving the updates! Quite an adventure you are on. Sorry I’ve missed your calls. You do call at terrible times. 🙂


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