Getting out of the city

I am prone to booking a weekend away with no itinerary. In September I found myself flying up to the Gold Coast on a whim having stumbled upon cheap flights a few weeks previous. Hmmm what to do….. I needed a walk and the Coomera Circuit in Lamington National Park caught my eye. Australian Geographic lists it as one of Australia’s best day walks and so far I have only scratched 5 off their list so off I went.

It’s a 17.5km circuit weaving through forest and crossing rivers passing small waterfalls as you go.

The tracks soon descends to the valley floor, the temperature dropping and now with rainforest for company. After the first 5km or so the track got much quieter as many other hikers opted against the loop but instead went to the first look out and back.

There hadn’t been too much rain in the days before  I got there so the rivers were mostly dry making for easy crossings and the waterfalls although running were quite light. I took advantage of the lack of people and tried to practice some shots at the waterfalls. I don’t have a very steady hand for long exposures and I soon learnt that those rocks can be quite slippy!


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