Lets talk about food

Can eating be considered a hobby? I love to eat, in fact it’s one of my favourite things. I have been trying to sample as many different dishes as I can while in Mexico.

Alberta at Hotel Jade, had a ‘chilli off” with me one night “Just make sure your mouth is full of food before you add the chilli”  I did, but even still I lost sensation in one half of my mouth. At breakfast one morning, I added so much salsa to my eggs it gave me the hiccups.

Something new and not spicy, that I came across is Machacada, which is the name for shredded sun dried beef. In the days prioir to electricity and refrigeration, the meat was cut into think slices, sprinkled with lime juice and salt before hanging in the sun to dry. It was the only was of preserving the meat in the cattle states of Northen Mexico. Makes sense. I can confirm it’s very nice in scrambled eggs for breakfast

But one dish that has captured my heart is the humble taco. Simple, quick and tasty. In Baja it was all about Pescado (fish) tacos, fresh and zesty, further inland I’m devouring the Carne (meat) varieties. As you can see I am showing off now with my extensive Spanish vocabulary! Apparently the average person actively uses a vocabulary of no more than 600 words, so if that is true I have only 597 to go if we include taco.

Anyway back to tacos I stopped by this place a few days ago for a quick snack, was delicious.

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