On 2 wheels

Quietly checking me out
Quietly checking me out

My last stop on the train was a town called Creel where I spent a few very pleasant days. It’s the largest town I have been in for a while approx 6000 residents but no good pub. I enjoyed myself in bad ones regardless!  The town is a good base for organising tours and treks into the Canyons but close to town there is much to see also. My stay was made all the sweeter by booking in somewhere with a very comfortable bed and powerful hot showers. It’s cold in these mountains, and I am soft.

No grizzly bears only goats wandering around
No grizzly bears only goats wandering around

Biking through alpine forests isn’t the first thing that usually springs to mind when thinking of Mexico but the other day that’s what I did. There’s a 22km trail loop starting in the town that makes for a fun day of exploring the area.

I learnt from my last bike hire in Baja to check for gears. Worringly when I hired this one he sent me off with not just a puncture repair kit, but a spare tube and pump, all very thorough but made me wonder about the trail. Turned out to be nothing less than beautiful and I returned the bike without any punctures just very muddy!

Here are some pictures from the saddle.

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