Impressed by smart people

Inside the dome at the Reichstag
Inside the dome at the Reichstag


Sometimes I find it hard to explain why certain things or places intrigue or fascinate me, but on my last day in Berlin I came across one such place. I visited the Reichstag Building. Parliament buildings are not usually high on my list of must visits when I get to a new city but this one made the list, in particular for the glass dome on the roof.

It is singularly one of the most impressive things I have seen recently.  In addition to offering 360 degree views of Berlin, it’s impressive in its own right for the clever architecture and smart energy efficient features.  It was designed by architect Norman Foster and built to symbolize the reunification of Germany. Many of the sustainability elements of the design are explained on the architects website under the sustainability tab

The dome is no longer open to visitors without prior registration so avoid the queue and register at if you are heading along.

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