Take a run and jump she said!

Not sure my bum will ever be the same again

There are a few journeys that have left indelible marks on my memory. One was many years ago in Cambodia, driving to the Thai border. We bumped along for hours cramped in a small bus, with numerous punctures and long delays at the sides of dark muddy roads. Up until today I didn’t think I could have worse.

I was wrong. The road to the village of Lanquín, near Semuc Champey, was so bad the only way I can think to describe the 6 hours was like this………Picture yourself sitting on the end of a trampoline, while a herd of elephants jump for joy at the other end…..repeatedly.

We arrived in the dark so was delighted to wake up and discover this place is spellbindingly beautiful and worth the journey. My travels weren’t over however, it was time to hop in the back of a pick up truck and bump along for another hour to see the pools at Semuc Champey.

To get to the pools we started on a loop trail circuit, that proved a little steeper and more strenuous than I was expecting. Wouldn’t want to be wearing your flipflops/thongs for this one. It climbs to a viewing platform called El Mirador from where you can take in the spectacular scene.

At this stage we were a sweaty mess and couldn’t get to the bottom fast enough to jump in.

To quote a local brochure

Semuc Champey  is a shallow staircase of sublime turquoise pools suspended on a natural limestone bridge. This idyllic place, sits at the base of a towering jungle-clad valley and makes a wonderful spot for a blissful day’s wallowing and with good swimming.

I couldn’t agree more, no better place to soothe tired, weary bones.  The only thing left to do was jump in!

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