Delighting in the ordinary

Hello from New Zealand.

First stop was Wellington as my sister lives there. Great to be in a regular home again after being on the move for the last few months. Of course great to see her too!

The yellow ball I used to enjoy so regularly has been missing from the sky here, instead replaced with something very wet. It’s been raining a lot!  It was time for indoor pursuits, namely museums, coffee and shopping. Oh and 1 essential appointment – the hairdresser! Other days here been blissfully quiet and static. Simply revelling in the ordinary of cooking and watching some trash TV from the couch. Simple pleasures.

Then we started to get onto the serious business of planning a road trip. It’s so hard to decide, but we have a skeleton of a plan, we are going to the South Island first!

We sourced some wheels, booked the ferry and were off. I took these pictures yesterday morning on the early ferry to the South Island. A savage storm had just abated, was a little choppy on the crossing through the strait,  but all was peaceful and calm as we weaved our way through the sounds to Picton. I already love this place!


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