Exmouth, a town with Emus crossing the road

Sitting in the shallows at Turquoise Bat

It’s great to wash off the red dirt and feel the sand on my toes. Have been in Exmouth for  a few days and tomorrow I will hopefully get to swim with whalesharks 🙂 Have only driven approx 12,000km to get here so am hoping they will all be out in the water calling my name.

Although there is plenty of other fish here too to keep a person occupied. I went snorkelling today at Turquoise Bay, it lives up to it’s name and it was full of great fish. I will have to get the book out later to find out their names as I had never seen most of them before. There was even a Blue Spotted Ray just hanging near the shore, a beauty. If this is what I can see from the beach, cannot wait to get out on a boat tomorrow and discover what else is there. Am quite excited, almost reminds me of when I believed in Santa Claus.

2 thoughts on “Exmouth, a town with Emus crossing the road

  1. hey brogie. loved WA-and adored the snorkelling!fish names were beyong me but 100times more relaxed and peaceful than east coast. went to monkey mia 10 years ago off-peal n that was really cute.sunsets were out of this world:)


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