A contender for favourite place so far….

Dales GorgeI think I like having no phone – occasionally. Have spent the last few days in Karijini National Park, and it’s up there as a contender for a favourite of the trip.  It’s hard to pin down exactly why some places give you an energy, but this one did for me. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t on my phone so fully appreciated where I was.

Lots of hikes and trails here, depending on the pace you want to go.

Mt BruceOne of the days I climbed to the top of Mount Bruce, a bloody big hill. In fact the second highest in WA at 1234m.  All the Sydney cocktails left my pores during that effort.  But worth it just to drink in the view at the top.

The other days I was a little closer to the ground, plenty of gorges here to walk through and around. Have some pictures of my favourites below. It’s was also great just to camp somewhere remote and quiet. I have heard about sleeping on a bed of nails, but in my case it was stones, thank God for those cyclists repairing my mattress!

From here, I am heading back to the coast in much need of a wash as is the car, both of us shrouded in red dirt, like animals branded by the Pilbara yet smiling from ear to ear.

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