Catching up with myself and dreaming of a healthier body

Today I am in Millstream National Park, complete with a new tent. I was camping under trees last night and the birds have very kindly christened it. Hopefully that means good luck. They also just shit on my shoulder as I was about to eat my dinner. Guess that means I am lucky they missed the plate. Would have been a dilemma as I was starving.

Peaceful at Crossing Pool

This place is beautiful and peaceful, the perfect place to kick start the new healthier me!  My mind is racing as the last week or so has been action packed. I know it has been established on this blog that I  am prone to detours but this one was not of my own making.  I had to hotfoot it to Sydney town for none other than my Australian citizenship ceremony. So exciting.

Getting there proved a challenge as there was an unexpected storm and subsequent flooding, closing roads and preventing planes from landing. When I was asked at the end of the journey what I would like to drink, I replied, anything once it comes in a bucket. I wasn’t joking. I had been staying in Port Sampson, a beautiful place where I was hoping to snorkel, instead my tent was the only thing to become submerged as the poles finally gave into the howling winds. Not my favourite way to wake up. A weekend of madness and fun times in Sydney followed. My system is in shock. Was fantastic to catch up with everybody but I am now committing to Dry July.

So I am back on the west coast and back in business  …….. of well what exactly?? So interesting when you met people for the first time, “so what do you do?” is popular or “what kind or work are you in?” Seeing as I am happily unemployed it seems to stump some people, couple that with a girl driving around Australia on her own to particularly remote and beautiful places and the common conclusion is bewilderment (theirs) delight (mine). All I know is that I need some exercise so plenty of hiking in my future and a quiet mind. Namaste

Here are some photos from Millstream

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