Back in the bush

Fresh air, blue skies - a happy Niamh
Open spaces, fresh air, blue skies – a happy Niamh

The other weekend I went for the hike. It was the first one in a long time and taking the stairs through the office on Monday morning was telling – my legs were stiff. All worth it though, great to be back in the bush.

I headed along to the Royal National Park and hiked part of the coastal trail. I don’t know many of the trails in this park yet, but I bought an annual pass on the way in, so have no excuse not to explore.

Not too many people around this day as I rambled around at my own pace and sometimes out of puff, hills are not my friend at the moment! It’s Spring here so come colour was starting to creep through and of course blue skies always help to make the world look good. Maybe I can actually balance this working lark with some fun stuff?

One thought on “Back in the bush

  1. Good to see you made it there! I recall chatting to you about this place elsewhere 😉 It’s the hidden gem of the Northern parts of the Illawarra. Absolutely love it and can’t wait to go back.


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