Short and sweet

Looking to Brooklyn
Looking to Brooklyn from the trail, I did manage to take at least 1 photograph

I learned something recently. I get distracted in company, so much so that I hardly take any photographs at all. I met up with some friends for a hike and I have no photographs to share with you of it. Seems I am far too used to hiking alone and will have to learn how to hike with others and still take photographs. Guess it was testament to great company. The views were great too, so perhaps I will go again. We were on the Jerusalem Bay Track just north of Sydney.  It’s a one way track, over ridges and through bush along 13km before it politely pops you out near a pub. Lunch tasted great! It is actually a section of a longer track, The Great North Walk – one for another day too. A new to do list is beginning to form I think. On the flip side having company means somebody can take a photograph of me, as I haven’t mastered the selfie. How do I look from the back? Having a moment

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