What lies beneath?

Where do I start? Today was amazing. Spent the day in the water with whalesharkS. Am grinning like a chesire cat. All up swam with 6 different ones ranging in size from 3m to 9m. Easily the best day of the trip so far. Amazing to see these beautiful animals up close and doing their … More What lies beneath?

Lance Who?

People have been asking me if I get lonely traveling by myself. I realised I haven’t said much about who I have met along the way. So in case you are wondering – I do talk to other people! Such a great cross section of life is on the road, you can never tell who … More Lance Who?

The Beginning

Finished work last week and can now start to think about and plan the trip in earnest. Couldn’t think of anywhere better for a planning session this morning than Bronte Beach. Whittling down the list will not be easy, perhaps I should have a swim first…………