The Original Lazy River

Bitter Springs Thermal PoolOn the way to Darwin I stopped at Mataranka. There are a few thermal pools to choose from and I found my favourite at Bitter Springs. These pools flow at a constant 32 degrees and are still very much in their natural state. In this one you can glide with the current downstream  and pop out the other end. Well I thought I was gliding like a lilly! Not a bad way to break from driving.

PS: If staying staying overnight in the area, please be  vigilant of the local wildlife, especially if they answer to the name of Bruce. Will initially present as helpful, but will need intensive convincing that he is indeed not the man of your dreams, even only for one night.

5 thoughts on “The Original Lazy River

  1. Ok can’t actually believe you have only sent me this link now!!! As I sign up to another 6 months of work, I am crippled with jealousy! Your trip looks amazing so far! Loving the blog. So what you need to do now is post a draft plan if the desirable destinations for the months ahead so I can come meet you. Please don’t have too much fun! It’s killing me! Will try and buzz you Tom/sat!


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