Darwin …………catching up with an old friend

VIew of Darwin from East Point ReserveHave been hanging out in Darwin for a few days. Could have stayed a lot longer so  good was the hospitality! Was great to catch up with  the former Sinead Ruane, now Mrs Olivetta since my last visit to the Top End and meet her family Mark & Ciara. I was absolutely spoilt from when I arrived, loved Marks cooking. I almost exhausted his repertoire I stayed so long although I never got to taste the ‘pants off salmon’! Think he keeps that dish for special occasions 🙂

Also I can confirm for the peace of mind of Ben & my mother that  I am and have been, driving with the correct type pressure. Got the car serviced and also washed so I no longer see “Your Mom loves c**k”  on the rear window when I look in the mirror. The opportunistic dust vandals must have been American, spelling Mom, like that.

I was so busy chatting and that I hardly took any photos. Although when It came time to pack up the car and head off this came to mind. Too true, time to purge all the stuff I broughtSeriously, I do not need a dozen tea lights and a table setting for 6 just in case. Perhaps I will throw a dinner party in a campsite near you soon although you will have to bring your own chair, those I don’t have 🙂

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