Up for the match

Mayo Team lining out before the game
Mayo Team lining out before the game

Last Sunday, the All Ireland Football final took place in Croke Park, Dublin.  Mayo, where I am from were playing Dublin for the title. Since I have gotten back to Ireland there has been talk of little else.  Were we going to do it? Will this be the year? Despite reaching numerous finals, the last as recent as 2012, Mayo have not won the championship since 1951.

Tickets, do you have a ticket? The hunt was on.  I had almost given up on the chance that I could get one. I got in touch with anybody I could think of  in the weeks leading up to the game, to no avail. As luck would have it, I got a call an hour before kick off, “Was I still looking for a ticket as there was somebody who was selling” I didn’t need to be asked twice – Yes!!

So I was in.

Watching and waiting for this to be Mayo’s year. But it wasn’t to be…………………….again. The final result was Dublin 2:12  to Mayo’s 1:14. We lost by a  point. The narrowest of margins, as a goal is worth 3 points.

After the final whistle I sat in my seat with a very familiar feeling of disappointment at another All Ireland loss.

Will we ever do it?  Will 2014 be the year?

Perhaps I will have to extend Niamhonleave to be here for that game !!

The world outside of Croke Park has been getting on with things. I had a ramble around Dublin and took a few photos in the days after the game. While Mayo fans were holding their head in their hands, the sun was shining on Dublin. Will share more of those later, but here’s a few.

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