Sprechen sie deutsch?


When you mention the airline, it can often be met with rolling eyes and tales of overcharging. However I see cheap flights and I think where can I go? So I had a look at their website and next thing I am on a plane to Berlin.  As it happens I studied German in school. Perhaps studied is an overstatement and it should be endured because all of it escapes me now. However it’s practically fool proof to get around – even on a bike.

Bike rest at the Brandenburg Gate
Bike rest at the Brandenburg Gate

Decided to try something new and hired a bike to play tourist.  Am a convert to the 2 wheels. It’s a great way to get around as there’s plenty to see and a little spread out.

One area I really liked was Prenzlauer Berg. The area is dominated by old buildings. Over 80% of all housing in this area was constructed before 1948, with the oldest building still standing being from 1848. In the second World War, relatively few buildings were destroyed in comparison to other areas of the city. Great coffee,markets and people watching opportunities. Spent a leisurely day or 2 around here taking it all in.  A new discovery was the Russian buffet breakfast – a feast.

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