Strangers and new places

Strangers. I will never cease to be amazed at what they can tell you within minutes of meeting you.

I decided to hire a car in San Francisco and while completing the paperwork, the lady serving me asked where I was headed. When I mentioned Yosemite, her whole demeanour changed. Loves the place apparently. Turns out she left her husband 12 years ago when their son was 2 years old and drove to Yosemite with the child when she first left the house. “I just needed to breathe. The air there will be good for you. I just sat with my yarn and breathed. You will have a wonderful time. I wish I could come with you”

Hello world - just like I imagined
Breathing in Yosemite

So here I am in Yosemite (without Becky, the car rental lady) and the air is good. Hard to convey smell, but think Christmas trees. Beautiful.  To say I am enthralled with the place might be undercooking it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, sure I had seen pictures and read about the place. But I was unsure if it would live up to my expectations and guess what – it has!  One of the advantages of visiting out of season is that there are not too many people around. Earlier today I hungout with these guys for a while.

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