Town Planning & Quarantine

Just shy of the border with South Australia I stopped for the night at an area called Eucla. There are quarantine laws governing both states that restrict the transfer of fresh fruit and raw vegetables across states lines from WA to SA. So I had a busy afternoon in the ‘kitchen’ depleting my veggie patch. I couldn’t get through it all and my neighbours who were headed the other way left smiling this morning with the overflow.

Prior to doing a Keith Floyd with a gas burner and glass of wine in the middle of nowhere I went walkabout in the sand dunes at Eucla. Almost submerged in the dunes are the ruins of the Telegraph station from 1877. Ironically as I was driving away from the site later, listening to local radio there was a panel discussion about poor building planning regulations in the state……. seems an omnipresent issue!

Across the dunes its an easy 15 minute stroll to the coast and an expansive beach to walk on. So I did – for miles! Cannot beat fresh sea air after a few hours in the car. Actually it’s hard to beat any time. The old jetty caught my eye and I got a bit snap happy with it. Imagine the comings and goings on this jetty back in the day.

Would have been nice to get some photos with sunset colours in the sky but my inner Keith Floyd was beckoning so I headed back to cook instead.

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