I was filing photographs and dwelled on these from the Milford Track that all contain reflections of a sort. I liked that as a theme so here you go………. Took these two early on Day 4 at a spot known as ‘The Boat Shed’  – loved the light       There are many lakes and pools … More Reflections


A friend recently told me that while she is looking forward to seeing me when I get back to Australia, she does not want to spend hours being bored by my photographs. So Kirsty this post is for you, I’ll bore you now instead. I have taken soooooooo many photographs since I have gotten to New Zealand even … More Shutterbug

Morning to night

Rain rain go away. I woke up to a massive shower head in the sky so I decided to wait a while to see which way it was going to go. To pass the time I went for coffee, the cafe was packed, everybody taking refuge, so I was joined by two elderly farmers who made for … More Morning to night

Trying something new – more practice required

One of the ways I decided that I want to use my time while ‘on leave’ is to learn to take better photographs. A few weeks ago I read this post It has really simple, practical tips on how to better photograph people, which is something I feel I don’t do enough of. Mainly because … More Trying something new – more practice required


Walking around Valladolid, something that caught my eye on the quieter streets was the number of dilapidated and abandoned buildings. All very obviously neglected,  I lost count of the for sale signs, no takers in these parts for these buildings. But depite the neglect and apparent disinterest locally there was something about these that appealed … More Backstreets

A day for ducks

Its wet and stormy outside so I am inside toasty and cosy by the fire. I was sifting through some photographs I took during the week and came across these ducks. There is a duck pond in the woods nearby that’s on the bank of the river and the ducks move between the two. One … More A day for ducks