Where to now?

Lighthouse at QuobbaWhat comes after whalesharks? Well a few quiet days in fact. I decided to leave Exmouth when I found myself gliding down the street thinking I was a fish. Too much time in the water. I drove south to Coral Bay to check it out, but as it was school holidays the place looked like a fat man’s shirt – about to burst, so I headed off to avoid a flying button in the eye or worse.  Stopped at Quobba Station,where there was no school children – bliss. Quiet enough to read a book without hearing the conversation in the tent next door and a great view of whales in the ocean.

So seeing as this trip began with the purpose of seeing whalesharks, I need a new objective. I feel like I am only getting started. Any suggestions? Am in planning mode now for the next part……… so not ready to get  a job just yet 🙂

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