Learning the basics

View of The Quay Village
View of The Quay Village on the banks of the river Moy

Map of Ireland

I grew up in a town called Ballina, in the north west of Ireland.  Approximately 10,000 people live here and my family live a few miles outside the town itself near to the Quay Village.

I looked up this history today and was reminded the town was founded in 1723 but the settlement existed long before. “The  town developed as a small sea port and market town on the estuary of the River Moy, it expanded after The Quay was built in 1836. In the early 20th century coal, cement, tar, timber, and food (tea fruit and coffee) were among the items imported into Ballina. It was a significant port for the export of livestock to Great Britain until World War II”. Link to more details here  http://www.northmayo.com/

So this is where I am at the moment. No more moving around for the next few weeks, no more trains, planes, or packing suitcases. Instead I am staying put and enjoying family time- so far no murders.

It means I am spending alot of time in the kitchen cooking and eating……. I tried to bake my first loaf of bread earlier this week. Some refinement is needed but I am getting there. Simple pleasures are often the best, sure beats a day at the office!

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