Flinders Ranges

I have set up camp in the Flinders Ranges National Park for a few days. Interesting place.

Would suit reclusive DIY enthusiast
Would suit reclusive DIY enthusiast

Much of the park can be accessed by car at this time of year as it’s dry. So if you are feeling especially lazy you can spend your day driving through the gorges with the air-conditioning on, pulling over for the occasional photograph. Seems to be a popular past time here. I did a mixture of driving and short hikes through the different gorges. There are lot of different trails to choose from. One hike in particular stands out so I will pull together a specific post on that, in the mean time here’s a glimpse of what you can see around the park.  It has a nice mixture of mountains, tree lined gorges and active wildlife. There is also a rich Aboriginal history in the area and you can view ancient rock paintings and engravings here.

Not a bad place to call home for a few nights!


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