Relax it’s Queensland…………..

Traffic JamI don’t normally take advice from registration plates, but in this case I felt obliged. It was time to park up and maintain a healthy 180deg position on the sand. Found some great spots to sit a read a few books, one of which I started last year! When did I stop reading? Anyway I am back on track with the literary greats. Started with of Mice and Men and to counterbalance am  currently engrossed in Dawn French’s book, Dear Fatty. Some fantastic lines, “I remember crying when Churchill died, I didn’t know him, I was just curious to know what sorrow looked like in the mirror”

Pictures below of some of the beaches, don’t look at them if it’s raining where you are. Favourite beach so far, Wongaling Beach, just south of Mission Beach. Felt very shipwrecked, but no sign of Robinson Crusoe

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