Weekend at Bernies / Cairns


I think this post will be brief for a number of reasons:  1) details are sketchy and 2)  details are sketchy. However somethings will forever be etched on my memory.

Had my first fly in vistor at the weekend in Cairns. Maeve Fogarty landed once the bats had let her through onto the runway and we never looked back. Thanks to a very thoughtful Jen Morrell we enjoyed a fantastic room and a great bottle of bubbles to kickstart the weekend. Hit the  high/low lights of Cairns that night as Maeve tried to jog her memory of lost nights in the Woolshed. Somehow we got ourselves into the reef the following morning to swim with fishes.

The highlight for me was on Saturday night when we stumbled across  a jazz cafe called Bernies with the funniest staff, because they were so grumpy but made great mango daquiris. We were back on track and then a star was born!

Thanks for an awesome weekend Maeve. Now who will be my next visitor?  Make sure you bring your party piece, the bar has been set

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