If you go down to the woods today………….

Splendid Mess!Wasn’t quite ready to wave goodbye to the coastline so drove a little further north to Cape Tribulation. Loved the Daintree Rainforest, it’s a slightly ravaged, often luscious and in combination a beautiful colourful natural mess.

One morning I was sitting on Cow Beach, watching this guy fishing with his dog, think it was Tuesday, yes it was Tuesday…. actual days don’t matter much to me anymore, anyway I was watching this dude and thinking, what is it he does that he can be here fishing with his dog on a Tuesday? Had to catch myself and realise I am here too! Sometimes this trip does not seem real.

Fishing on a Tuesday!

Later that night, I was in the bar and got chatting to a guy working on the construction of this house. Already $1m over budget and the budget was $6m. Anyhow, it owned by a millionaire who made his money on stamps. Made his first million at 16 years old. Don’t remember that career coming up in any career guidance discussions at school. The swimming pool is in the shape of an Indian’s Head, apparently his favourite stamp!


So you just never know who you will meet in the woods.

Some happy snaps below from when I was out and about, Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge & Cape Tribulation

2 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today………….

  1. Did a three day accomodation stint at the Stamp House with the owners. Fantastic place and recommend it to anyone who wants something different. I too was in the stamp trade and unlike the owner had to wait until I was 22 to make the first million out of stamps.


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