Flinders Ranges

I have set up camp in the Flinders Ranges National Park for a few days. Interesting place. Much of the park can be accessed by car at this time of year as it’s dry. So if you are feeling especially lazy you can spend your day driving through the gorges with the air-conditioning on, pulling over … More Flinders Ranges

Leaving one undone

A number of people had recommended the Muller Hut track in Mt Cook. However at this time of year crampons and an ice axe are recommended so it became ruled out for me. However I ventured up the track anyway to see just how far I could get without them! The track starts on the flat … More Leaving one undone

Piercing the clouds

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is home to a lot of mountains! There are 27 mountains over 3050m in New Zealand and 22 of those are here. The highest is Mt Cook at 3755m. In fact it’s the highest in Australasia. It’s name in Maori is Aoraki, meaning Cloud Piercer, seems far more apt than the … More Piercing the clouds

Stretching the legs

Am vertical, back on two feet and away from the cakes on the Routeburn track.  It’s another of the group of New Zealand’s Great Walks and deservedly so. At 32km it’s one of the shorter trails in the series but makes up for it in variety. How long you spend on the track is up … More Stretching the legs


I was filing photographs and dwelled on these from the Milford Track that all contain reflections of a sort. I liked that as a theme so here you go………. Took these two early on Day 4 at a spot known as ‘The Boat Shed’  – loved the light       There are many lakes and pools … More Reflections