Mountain Fun

The Stirling Ranges. My last stop of the roadtrip before I get to  Perth.  I find it amusing that  I started this trip on the beach looking up at the clouds and I’m ending it on the top of a mountain with my head in them! If this is what happens in three short months … More Mountain Fun

Southern Forests

Growing up in Ireland, season change is more pronounced that I have grown used to in Sydney more recently. Especially for Autumn & Winter. So it was great to spend some time in the woods around Pemberton. After the recent wet weather, it was less of the crack of a twig underfoot and more of a … More Southern Forests

My tan is fading!

The weather has taken a bit of a dip recently which has meant that I am moving quite quickly down the the coast to Perth. That’s not to say it hasn’t been interesting. I saw this on Facebook last week……….. Ouch!  It gave me something to think about.  Suspect it confirmed what some people have … More My tan is fading!

5 a Day

Am definitely in slow motion, travelled a whopping 70km to get to Carnarvon. As a child I probably turned my nose up at fruit and vegetables but here I relished them. Available everywhere so I got more than my 5 a day. No chance of scurvy, as the town is responsible for growing approx 70% … More 5 a Day

Where to now?

What comes after whalesharks? Well a few quiet days in fact. I decided to leave Exmouth when I found myself gliding down the street thinking I was a fish. Too much time in the water. I drove south to Coral Bay to check it out, but as it was school holidays the place looked like a fat … More Where to now?