Mountain Fun

The Stirling Ranges. My last stop of the roadtrip before I get to  Perth.  I find it amusing that  I started this trip on the beach looking up at the clouds and I’m ending it on the top of a mountain with my head in them! If this is what happens in three short months … More Mountain Fun

Where to now?

What comes after whalesharks? Well a few quiet days in fact. I decided to leave Exmouth when I found myself gliding down the street thinking I was a fish. Too much time in the water. I drove south to Coral Bay to check it out, but as it was school holidays the place looked like a fat … More Where to now?

Catching up with myself and dreaming of a healthier body

Today I am in Millstream National Park, complete with a new tent. I was camping under trees last night and the birds have very kindly christened it. Hopefully that means good luck. They also just shit on my shoulder as I was about to eat my dinner. Guess that means I am lucky they missed … More Catching up with myself and dreaming of a healthier body

On the way south

From Broome I am heading south on the Walu Way, to get to Exmouth and the whalesharks. The first stretch involves abit of highway driving so when I came across a place with the word ‘beach’ in it’s name, I had to stop. 80 Mile Beach, bliss.  I Intended to stop for a break instead … More On the way south

Lance Who?

People have been asking me if I get lonely traveling by myself. I realised I haven’t said much about who I have met along the way. So in case you are wondering – I do talk to other people! Such a great cross section of life is on the road, you can never tell who … More Lance Who?