The overall Copper Canyon system is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but is actually made up of  six distinct canyons.  Urique Canyon is the deepest of those at 1,879 meters (6,200 ft) and the primary reason I came to Cerocahui was to hike around it. Our hike began at the top … More Urique


Early one morning we hiked a few kms from town to a small waterfall. Nothing very strenuous, but interesting to see the different communities and begin to get a perspective on what it might be like to live in an area like this. Wouldn’t be my first choice as a place to live, but the … More Walkabout

Chilling out

The bus journey here proved a bit of a mission, inclusive of 2 hours walking around the the town of La Paz with pigeon spanish and dictionary looking for a bus stop. But I got here, La Ventana and woke up to this. I have just finished a great yoga class. No better way to … More Chilling out

Back to the beach

I mentioned the reason I have come to Mexico is go see Copper Canon, however as always there’s no fun in going directly there so I am in Baja California for some beach time first. My days here in Cabo San Lucas have been very simple and generally horizontal. Not sure there is a much nicer … More Back to the beach