Island Life

Arriving in Dublin airport always marks the beginning of a great time. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have been in Ireland last year, so not too long between visits.  Even so, I have a long list of “must dos”. After seeing family, it’s  about the craic, which for me  is things that must be eaten, … More Island Life

I love this idea…..

Today I visited the Meiji Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji,  the first emperor of modern Japan, and his consort, Empress Shoken. Work was completed in 1920, but then was destroyed during the Second world war but was rebuilt shortly after. Set within a parkland of 120,000 trees it’s an oasis of … More I love this idea…..

Mountain Fun

The Stirling Ranges. My last stop of the roadtrip before I get to  Perth.  I find it amusing that  I started this trip on the beach looking up at the clouds and I’m ending it on the top of a mountain with my head in them! If this is what happens in three short months … More Mountain Fun

Southern Forests

Growing up in Ireland, season change is more pronounced that I have grown used to in Sydney more recently. Especially for Autumn & Winter. So it was great to spend some time in the woods around Pemberton. After the recent wet weather, it was less of the crack of a twig underfoot and more of a … More Southern Forests

What lies beneath?

Where do I start? Today was amazing. Spent the day in the water with whalesharkS. Am grinning like a chesire cat. All up swam with 6 different ones ranging in size from 3m to 9m. Easily the best day of the trip so far. Amazing to see these beautiful animals up close and doing their … More What lies beneath?